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Communication Theory for Anna University [IV Semester ECE]

Author: Dr.J.S.Chitode "IV Semester ECE"

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Publisher Technical Publications
Publication Year 2018
Product Format --
Language Published English
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 400
Product ID 9789350998304

Unit - I Amplitude Modulation (Chapter - 1)

Generation and detection of AM wave spectra-DSBSC, Hilbert transform, Pre-envelope and complex envelope - SSB and VSB - Comparison - Superheterodyne receiver.

Unit - II Angle Modulation (Chapter - 2)

Phase and frquency modulation - Narrow band and wind band FM - Spectrum - FM modulation and demodulation - FM discriminator - PLL as FM demodulator - Transmission bandwidth.

Unit - III Random Process (Chapter - 3)

Random variables, Central limit theorem, Random process, Stationary processes, Mean, Correlation and covariance functions, Power spectral density, Ergodic processes, Gaussian process, Transmission of a random process through a LTI filter.

Unit - IV Noise Characterization (Chapter - 4)

Noise sources and types - Noise figure and noise temperature - Noise in cascaded systems. Narrow band noise - PSD of in phase and quadrature noise - Noise performance in AM systems - Noise performance in FM systems - Pre - emphasis and de-emphasis - Capture effect, Threshold effect.

Unit - V Information Theory (Chapter - 5)

Entropy - Discrete memoryless channels, Channel capacity - Hartley - Shannon law - Source coding theorem - Huffman and Shannon - Fano codes.