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Electronic Circuits - II for Anna University [IV Semester ECE]

Author: A.P.Godse, U.A.Bakshi " IV Semester ECE"

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Publisher Technical Publications
Publication Year 2018
Product Format --
Language Published English
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 600
Product ID 9789350998465

UNIT - I : Feedback Amplifiers (Chapter - 1)

General feedback structure - Properties of negative feedback - Basic feedback topologies - Feedback amplifiers - Series - Shunt, Series - Series, Shunt - Shunt and Shunt - Series feedback - Determining the loop gain - Stability problem - Nyquist plot - Effect of feedback on amplifier poles - Frequency compensation.

UNIT - II : Oscillators (Chapter - 2)

Classification, Barkhausen criterion - Mechanism for start of oscillation and stabilization of amplitude, General form of an oscillator, Analysis of LC oscillators - Hartley, Colpitts, Clapp, Franklin, Armstrong, Tuned collector oscillators, RC oscillators - Phase shift -Wien bridge - Twin-T oscillators, Frequency range of RC and LC oscillators, Quartz crystal construction, Electrical equivalent circuit of crystal, Miller and pierce crystal oscillators, Frequency stability of oscillators.

UNIT - III : Tuned Amplifiers (Chapter - 3)

Coil losses, Unloaded and loaded Q of tank circuits, Small signal tuned amplifiers - Analysis of capacitor coupled single tuned amplifier - Double tuned amplifier - Effect of cascading single tuned and double tuned amplifiers on bandwidth - Stagger tuned amplifiers - Large signal tuned amplifiers - Class C tuned amplifier - Efficiency and applications of class C tuned amplifier - Stability of tuned amplifiers - Neutralization - Hazeltine neutralization method.

UNIT - IV : Wave Shaping and Multivibrator Circuits (Chapter - 4)

RC and RL Integrator and Differentiator circuits - Storage, delay and calculation of transistor switching times - Speed-up capacitor - Diode clippers, Diode comparator - Clampers. Collector coupled and emitter coupled astable multivibrator - Monostable multivibrator - Bistable multivibrators - Triggering methods for bigtable multivibrators - Schmitt trigger circuit.

UNIT - V : Blocking Oscillators and Time Base Generators (Chapter - 5)

UJT sawtooth waveform generator, Pulse transformers - Equivalent circuit - Response - Applications, Blocking oscillator - Free running blocking oscillator - Astable blocking oscillators with base timing - Push-pull astable blocking oscillator with emitter timing, Frequency control using core saturation, Triggered blocking oscillator - Monostable blocking oscillator with base timing - Monostable blocking oscillator with emitter timing, Time base circuits - Voltage-time base circuit, Current-time base circuit - Linearization through adjustment of driving waveform.