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Rapidex Enrich Your Word Power and Improve your English

Author: Pustak Mahal Editorial Board

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Publisher Pustak Mahal
Publication Year 2013
Product Format Paperback
Language Published English
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 536
Product ID 9788122313987

About the book:

Rapidex Enrich Your Word Power and Improve Your English Your verbal and written communication skills are among the mostimportant skills you possess. Throughout your life, in all kinds ofsituations from the classroom to the board room, people form theiropinions of you on the basis of how you speak and how you write.That is why Enrich your Word Power and Improve your Vocabulary willbe beneficial to you. The purpose of this book is very simple to help you master theEnglish language quickly easily and thoroughly. If you are a poorspeaker or writer, this book will help you become a good one. Ifyou are a good speaker and writer, it will help you become a betterone. It happens frequently that the word which one thinks of firstdoes not express the exact shade of thought one desires to expressand some other word of similar meaning is necessary. At othertimes, you are into situations when a word was just on the tip ofyour tongue but you just couldnt recollect it. For this reasonthere is, for those who want to write and speak with precision andeffectiveness, an important use for collections of synonyms, singleword substitute and much more. Readers will also find chapters oncommonly confused, misused, abused and mispronounced words in theEnglish language, as we gradually point out the pitfalls of each,tell you how to avoid embarrassing mistakes, and show you how touse the proper word in the proper place. The book will enable you to build excellent vocabulary whichwill significantly assist you in taking various Competition examslike TOIFL, IELTS, etc. Youll never have a dull moment as each chapter offers you someexciting and tantalizing trivia to make you want to reach the nextchapter and then the next and the next... Study the chapters, takethe progress tests and you will soon find that words really canwork wonders for you.