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Rapidex Computer Course in English with CD

Author: Pustak Mahal Editorial Board

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Publisher Pustak Mahal
Publication Year 2013
Product Format Paperback
Language Published English
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 570
Product ID 9788178062808

Rapidex Computer Course (With CD) provides a crisp and practical introduction to using computers that run on the Windows platform.


Summary Of The Book:


Rapidex Computer Course (With CD) teaches the readers the basics of using a computer, starting with the operating system. It also covers some commonly used applications like Office 2007 and Tally. It provides an introduction to the Internet and its uses.

Computers make a person’s life easier. Users can create documents like letters, essays, even books using word processors. Spreadsheets can be used to manage simple day-to-day expenses as well as to manage and analyze complex business accounts.

Users can create powerful presentations and slideshows to convey their ideas to an audience using a presentation application. Emails and contacts can be stored, sorted, arranged in categories and accessed at anytime using mail and personal information management applications.
Rapidex Computer Course (With CD) begins by providing an Introduction to the world of computers. It then presents the operating system that runs the computer. The book covers the Windows Vista OS. It explains the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI), and shows how to use the Windows operating system. It also provides an overview of some useful Windows utilities.

The book then moves on to cover the powerful Office suite of applications. It presents the various components of the Office 2007 suite. It covers Word 2007, Excel 2007, Publisher 2007, Powerpoint 2007, and Access 2007. The book also covers Tally, an accounts package, and Outlook 2007 a personal Information management application.

The book Introduces word processors and then shows how the Word application can be used in many ways to create different kinds of documents. Then Excel, a spreadsheet application in the Office suite, is discussed. Next, Publisher 2007, a page layout application is introduced. After this, the book looks at Powerpoint 2007, a presentation software. Then Access 2007, a database management application, is covered. Next, the book introduces Tally, an accounts management suite.

Rapidex Computer Course (With CD) then provides a concise overview of the Internet. It explains to the readers how the Internet is a huge, global network of computers and how this immense network can be used in many beneficial ways. After this, the personal Information management application, Outlook 2007, is covered.

This book does a great job of introducing the fundamentals of using a computer. It shows the many ways in which the device can be used to increase productivity and make the user’s life easier and richer, by introducing many different applications.

It is a compact basic course in computer usage that can be of use to anyone. It can help all kinds of people, from students to self learners.