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Environmental Studies [UGC Syllabus]

Author: N Arumugam, V Kumaresan

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Publisher SaraS Publications
Publication Year 2014
Product Format Paper Back
Language Published English
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 448
Product ID 9789382459972

Environmental Studies (UGC Syllabus)


  1.  Environmental Studies
  2.  Environment
  3.  Man and the Environment
  4.  Ecosystem
  5.  Biogeochemical Cycles
  6.  Biodiversity and its Conservation
  7.  Natural Resources
  8.  Environmental Pollution
  9.  Air Pol lution
  10.  Water Pollution
  11.  Marine Pollution
  12.  Land Pollution
  13.  Noise Pollution
  14.  Thermal Pollution
  15.  Pesticide Pollution
  16.  Nuclear Hazards (Radioactive Pollution)
  17.  Plastic Pollution 
  18.  Solid Waste Management 
  19.  Disaster Management 
  20.  Watershed Management 
  21.  Rain Water Harvesting 
  22.  Development of Sustainable Environment 
  23.  Resettlement and Rehabilitation 
  24.  Environmental Ethics 
  25.  Holocaust 
  26.  Consumerism and Waste products 
  27.  The Environment (Protection) Act 1986 
  28.  The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981 
  29.  The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974 
  30.  The Wild Life (Protection) Act 1972 
  31.  Forest (Conservation) Act 1980 
  32.  Issues involved in Enforcement of Environmental Legislations 
  33.  Human population and Environment 
  34.  Women and the Environment 
  35.  Human Rights 
  36.  Value Education 
  37.  AIDS 
  38.  Women Welfare 
  39.  Child Welfare 
  40.  Role of Information Technology in Environment and Human Health 
  41.  Earth Summit 
  42.  Glossary 
  43. Model Questions.