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Aram [அறம்]

Author: Jeyamohan [ஜெயமோகன்]

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Publisher Vamsi Books [வம்சி புக்ஸ்]
Publication Year 2011
Product Format Hardcover
Language Published Tamil
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 400
Product ID 9789380545424

Jeyamohan, one of the most significant and trend-setting Tamil writers of the present era, announced his arrival in the field of serious and sophisticated writing by his, what is now hailed as his magnum opus by discerning critics, ' Vishnupuram'. Conceived as a non-linear fiction, where events are projected in a cyclic order, synchronizing with the concept of history in the Indian cultural tradition, this novel explores the multi[le layers of meaning and substance in the three primary cosmic principles of creation, preservation and annihilation. It is a novel of epic dimension crafted in an innovative style. 'Aram' ('Righteuousness') is a collection of twelve long short stories, thematically linked with the title. In this era of ethical relativism, the philosophical issues such as which is absolutely good and which is absolutely bad may seem apparently irrelevant. But, yet, righteousness as an intrinsic trait of an individual(such rare specimens who are not yet wanting) does not fail to find expression in the form of indignation, compassion, infinite perseverance, capacity for suffering, sense of beauty for its own sake, humanism,, gratitude and world vision. Like' the quality of mercy', it affects both, the one who has this trait and the one who is provoked to narrate his/her story and in this case the writer himself who has this existential dilemma of reconciling between romantic idealism and the practical worldly outlook. . . The author mentions this in his afterword. I feel he should have included the reader also. After finishing reading this book ,I felt that one cannot write off humanity as yet! All the twelve stories are written based on real characters, the sequential narration of events are fictionalized with nuanced skill to add aesthetic charm and literary elegance.