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A Remedial English Grammar for Foreign Students

Author: Frederick T. Wood

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Publisher Laxmi Publications
Publication Year 2017
Product Format Paper Back
Language Published English
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 220
Product ID 9789351380863


1. The  articles

A.The definite article

B.The indefinite article

2. Agreement of verb and subject

3. Nouns: singular or plural? Some special cases

4. The partitive use of of

5. Concord of nouns, pronouns and possessive adjectives (third person)

6. The possessive adjective or the definite article with nouns denoting parts of the body

7. Confusion of adjectives and adverbs

A.Adjectival complements

B.Words ending in -ly

C.Hard , hardly; late, lately; most, mostly

8. Fairly  and  rather

9. Adverbial use of  no, not and none

10. Difficulties with comparatives and superlatives

11. Confusion of participles : active and passive voice

12. The prop-word one

13. Prepositions

A.The expression of time

B.The expression of place

C.Prepositions attached to verbs

D.The idiomatic use of prepositions

14. The word home: used with and without a preposition

15. Negative verbs

16. Tenses

A.Simple and progressive (continuous) forms of the present tense

B.Simple and progressive forms of the past tense

C.The perfect tense

D.The progressive form of the perfect

E.Tenses with since

F.Tenses in adverb clauses referring to the future

G.Tenses in adjective clauses referring to the future

H.Tenses in conditional sentences

17. Redundant pronouns and prepositions in complex sentences

18. Redundant conjunctions in complex sentences

19. Introductory there

20. The infinitive

A.With anticipatory it as a subject

B.Accusative with infinitive: the infinitive with and without to

C.Some other points about the use of the infinitive

D.Infinitive and gerund

21. Anticipatory it with noun clauses and adjective clauses

22. The position of adverbs

23. Verbs compounded with adverbs: the position of the object

24. Tag questions

25. Appended questions

26. Indirect (reported) questions

27. The indirect expression of imperatives

28. The use of correlatives

29. Who and whom

30. Much and many

31. Much and very

32. Still and yet

33. Make and do

34. The verb have

35. Shall and will

36. Used to (verb) and to be used to

37. So that and so as

38. Errors in the use of individual words

39. The courtesy words please and thank you

40. Dates and the time

41. The British monetary system

42. Greetings and salutations