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Thirukkural Transliteration & Translation [தமிழ்-Tamizh-English]

Author: J.Narayanasamy

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Publisher Sura College of Competition
Publication Year 2014
Product Format Paperback
Language Published English
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 408
Product ID 9788174785251

Thirukkural Transliteration & Translation [தமிழ்-Tamizh-English]


  • Acknowledgments, A key to transliteration, Preface, Foreword, A Note of appreciation
  • Introduction to the text, Notes on the text of ThirukkuRal, Index to contents

PART I: aRaththuppAl- VIRTUES

  • Window to the text, What is Divinity, The Functioning and Motivation of life
  • Functioning of life in our body, The 'Concept of Tranquillity in KuRaL, Chapters 1 - 38


  • Foreword, Merit of good governance, Law and Justice, Human Resources Development
  • Management Sciences, Information Systems and Communication Skills
  • Window to the Text - Cabinet and Governance, Prosperity and Security of the country, Friendship
  • Position of women in society, Food and Medicine, Chapters 39-108

PART III: inbaththuppAl- LOVELIFE

  • Foreword J, Romance in Love, Chaste Wedlock, Chapters 109-133
  • English version of Thamizh words in KuRaL, English Vocabulary Guide


  • Prayer, In Praise of Rain, Greatness of Ascetics (Renunciation), Emphasis on Virtue (Righteousness)


  • Family Life (An Institution), Partner in Life, Wealth of Children, Kindness of Love
  • Hospitality, Kindness in Words (Sweetness of Expression), Gratitude
  • Equity and Uprightness, Humility and Self-Control, Discipline and Conduct
  • Refraining from Adultery (Covet not Others' Wife), Forbearance, Desist from Envy
  • Covet not Others' Wealth, Desist from Slander, Avoid Speaking in Vain, Fear of Evil Deeds
  • Duty to Society (Socialism), Contribution, Glory (Renoun)


  • Grace (Compassion), Abjuring Flesh Meat, Penance, Vileness and Imposture
  • Abstain from Fraud and Deceit, Veracity, Banishing Anger
  • AbjuringViolen.ceand Harm, Abstain from Killiriq, Instability (Transience, Delusion)
  • Renunciation, Consciousness of Truth, CurbingGreed, Power and Laws of Nature