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TRB History

Author: Dr.Tamil Iniyan [முனைவர் தமிழ் இனியன்]

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Publisher Arivukkadal Pathippagam [அறிவுக்கடல் பதிப்பகம்]
Publication Year 2014
Product Format Paperback
Language Published English
Volume Number --
Number of Pages 284
Product ID RMB00888

The Book is very useful for TRB  Examination.


  1. Geography of India
  2. Sources of Indian History
  3. Harappan Civilization
  4. Vedic Age
  5. Jainism
  6. Kanishka
  7. Muslim Invasions
  8. The Bhakthi Movement
  9. The Bahamani Kingdom
  10. Shivaji
  11. The Vijayanagar Empire
  12. Foundation of Biritish rule in india
  13. Robert Clive, Warran Hastings, Lord Cornwallis, Wellesley, Hastings, William Bentick
  14. Indian National Movement
  15. Integration of Indian States
  16. History of Tamilnadu
  17. Pallava Dynasty
  18. Tamilnadu in the Freedom Struggle
  19. Social Reform movement in Tamilnadu
  20. Geographical Discoveries
  21. Reformation
  22. Rule of Benevolant, Peter the great of Russia,Catherine the Great
  23. Agricultural and Industrial Revolution
  24. French Revolution
  25. Cold War
  26. Russian Revolution
  27. First World War
  28. Facism